What Do We Do?

Yıldız Ventures;

We seek, find, invest, encourage, empower, support, and work shoulder to shoulder with those who do what has not been done, those who do it the way it’s not done, those who pave a new way, pioneers, creators and innovators, disruptors and constructors.

We do not only make Venture Capital (VC) investments, but the main part of our business is also Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) investments. In this context, we invest in innovative initiatives that will add value to our (Yıldız Holding’s) core business in the food and retail industry and enable us to do our current business differently than ever before.


How Do We Do It?

Yıldız Ventures has three main fields of activity. These areas stand out as incubation (CVC), financial investments (VC) and venture acceleration program.


Incubation (CVC)

Our goal with corporate venture capital investments is to develop the future’s star firms.

We invest in strong and promising business ideas that we can integrate into our main business lines, such as food and retail, to help us do what we do better or “differently” and much more efficiently.

Within Yıldız Ventures, we develop and grow these business concepts without being limited to a certain funding budget.

As a “Venture Builder” we participate in every stage of development starting with the idea and growing the venture together step by step. We support the startup not only financially, but also operationally and strategically fields such as management, planning, marketing, technology, and human resources, and we enable startups to benefit from our extensive corporate knowledge and opportunities in order to achieve their strategic and financial investment goals.

Financial Investments (VC)

As Yıldız Ventures, we invest in innovative early-stage startups across the world directly or indirectly through other VC funds. Our focus on financial investments covers various verticals including foodtech, agritech, deeptech, SaaS, e-commerce, mobility, logistics, fintech, gaming and HRtech that could support Yıldız Ventures’ operations keep up with digital and technological developments.  

Through direct investments, we provide businesses that demonstrate high growth potential on a global scale with funding support and assess whether they could bring any value into our own operations.

Our investments in other VC funds enable diversification within our portfolio on a global level and contribute specific expertise to our corporate know-how.

Acceleration Programs

We invest in local and global innovative businesses that are active in the food space jointly with Northstar, the innovation arm of Yıldız Holding. The pre-seed investments made in connection with the acceleration programs provide vital support to early-stage startups that have not already been backed.


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